Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lagos Treats

What is life without little treats? As much as I'm enjoying the Lagos edge, I also enjoy the following spots of respite. Ofcourse food plays a leading role in all my de-stressing activities ;)

Spice Bar

Spice Bar on Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island. Unlike most foreign restaurants, prices here are fair. Servings are large, sizzling hot and pepperish! Just the right atmosphere for Saturday lunch with the gals or guys. And if your acquaintance  isn't a fan of Indian food, just across the aisle under the same roof is the pizzeria, Debonairs.


Reed's on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. They've got fantastic Red Curry if you love Thai food. The small rice bowl was insufficient for the huge bowl of curry (in the distance) and we had to buy additional rice at an extra charge. Way pricier than necessary. Guess you're paying heavily for the ambiance and mood. In case your date doesn't like exotic food, order good 'ol chicken wings and lounge on the couches in the bar section.

I like MMA 2: The newer Domestic Terminal. The old one, which is still in use, feels and looks like a bus terminal. This one has 2 food courts, A/C! plus that good 'ol airport vibe and my favorite: a well-stocked bookstore.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wilderness Journey in Lagos

It all began when I dropped a friend off at the Ikeja MMA2 Airport and started heading back towards Lagos Island.  I didn't want to pass through a bumpy strip near Maryland, so I decided to link 3rd mainland bridge via the International Airport road--a route I did not know so well. 

I was driving alone.  I had 30 minutes before darkness would hit Lagos.  I was driving a borrowed Toyota SUV, which the owner had just purchased. But no my strong head convinced me to just follow the road signs. How hard could it be?

Road signs ko, road signs ni! 

I  passed Isolo. Isolo? Mushin! Nope, I'm not driving through there. Ijeshatedo. Family used to live there but I was on the unfamiliar side of the highway. 

Oh no, where is 3rd mainland bridge?

Boo hoo, time to cry. 

But time was not on my side. Night was slowly creeping in, and the courage to stop and ask for directions slipped away. So I stayed on the highway. Yay to traffic-less Sundays. 

That day, I found out how Apapa-Oshodi expressway got its name. 

When I reached Apapa (hey, it was either that or Badagry),  I cornered a dangerous-less looking okada driver (you've got mapquest, we've got bike riders) and asked him to lead me to the bridge that would take me towards my hood. He stopped half way and pointed me the rest of the way, gladly pocketing my N200 gratitude offering. 

I once again reached a crossroad. Where do I go? Mmmh, I didn't put my trust in man O! If it wasn't for God, I'd have showed up in Surulere.

So what is the moral of the story? It's time for me to activate the GPS on my phone!