Friday, January 29, 2010

Beyond the Paycheck

Gasp! I’ve just received a pay cut. Yes due to some interesting mathematics my take home pay has decreased by a nice comfty chunk. But it’s all good though, the difference will be paid in bulk sum later.

It’s even better because God is my provider. I don’t have to fret. He’s my chief employer. He owns my talents. The way I see it, if he’s going to direct cockroaches and rats to shelter and food so that they don’t die of starvation then I don’t think I’m going to be starving anytime soon.

But this calls for serious rebudgeting oh…I will have to slow down on impromptu N3,000 Chinese lunch takeaways (oh how I miss my $5 Chinese lunch deals) and my daily box of Lucozade Boost!

You know what? Forget about nixing the Lucozade. That’s my N100 naira guilty pleasure. My simple reward at the end of my 8-5. When I really want to splurge, I also throw in a packet of shortbread. (Yummy!) The wise thing to do is buy a cartoon of Boost at wholesale value and stash it away from the reach of four legged/winged (ewww!) tenants.

But seriously, just sitting down and thinking about money won’t make money appear. Those ideas have to jump onto paper and then into a bunch of heads and a team of hands. Move those legs, share those thoughts and burn that night oil. Everyday is another opportunity to increase the value of my net worth.

I was reading about twitter on wikipedia today and there was a picture of the founder’s earliest thoughts on twitter as scribbled on a lined notepad some 3-4 years ago.

Ideas. That’s where wealth begins. Words and ideas become flesh. Just look: everything you see today - the appliances, technology, clothes, food, cars, they all began in one human being’s head. A human being like you and me who is now sitting on major patent/intellectual property royalties because of an idea that caught like wild fire.

God what about me? Me too, I want to contribute. There must be a winning idea somewhere in those funky movie-like dreams that I dream at night.

Just think: if you could just create and sell N50 brushes to 1 million Lagos residents, you would be a millionaire!

The question is how can I provide a service or meet a need for thousands of people?

* * *

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rat Disappeared!

It’s been a few days since I laid eyes on the mini rat! No one else has seen it and it hasn’t left any marks behind, thus my fellow housemates are a bit skeptical that I saw one in the first place!

As for me, I’m writing this with both eyes, but at the same time my peripheral vision is very sensitive to any side movements. I remember that it was about this same time in the same mode– quiet, darkened house at dusk - that I first spotted rattie.

I’m not afraid anymore, just determined. In fact, I’m comfortably eating my left over jellof rice and moin moin on the same bed I jumped on when I first spotted rattie more than a week ago. I’m sure I did not imagine it. I’m sure.

During the week, I thought I heard the rat eating grains from the bag of raw rice that was stashed near my headboard. It was 4:40 a.m. and I froze. I didn’t have to get up until 5:30 a.m. I didn’t want to be scared and I wanted more sleep so I turned my ear lobes into my ears to drown out all sounds including the crackle crackle crackle of snapping rice grains. All to no avail. Dawn would not dawn fast enough.

My rice eating theory was however debunked during daylight when my aunt went to get some rice from the bag and didn’t see any evidence of sabotage.

MmmHhh? Okay o!

Well y'all talk theories, I’ve banished the 60kg bag of rice to another room.

Let the rat go and have its full there while there is still time. The exterminator is coming for it this weekend.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No longer entry-level

This is the view from the top of Mokola Hill, Ibadan as taken from the nostalgic Premier Hotel.
This May, it’ll be four years since I graduated from college. Oh my goodness. It means I’ve left the realm of entry-level. Yikes! And here I am still screaming and jumping and running away from a mini rat that walked into my room. I screamed so hard, I dropped my cell phone while talking to my mother.
Then I remembered she was still on the line and grabbed the phone to put her mind at rest. She was quite sympathetic considering that my mother grew up with all boys on a farmland – things like cockroaches and rats don’t intimidate her. In yesterdays, my scream fest would have warranted a hiss from my mom.
My voice is still a bit tender from the scream. Even the little rat was confused. It twirled 280 degrees before finally deciding to head out of my room. You better!
Of course I had to report the yeye rat to my sweetie. In fact, I would have ordered my knight in shining armor over to my place (yes ke, I was a damsel in distress!) were he not smack in the middle of a meeting when I called. Nonetheless, he has this way of convincing me that the rat and (or any other object of terror) I will not cross paths anymore. And I believed him. At least enough to dash to the kitchen to switch off my burning pot of rice.
Now I’m tiptoeing around my own house. What utter rubbish. In my late 20s! The injustice of oppression! I must overcome this fear.
First thing tomorrow morning, I’m calling the fumigator. I’ve already placed cloth under my door - yes the rat is small enough to crawl under.
But in the meantime, I’m going to sleep my fears away…
Good night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your money or your time?

Happy New Year y'all!

2010 is here.

Like play like play - my 20s are passing by oh!

Oooh, which reminds me, I went into a car rental (I'm vacationing in the States) and enthusiastically announced that I'd like a car. The attendant obviously forgetting all the training that was laboriously bestowed on him gives me a side glance and blurts out: "Are you 21?"

What? My sweetheart and my dad both chuckle beside me and I gleefully retort to the attendant that I am in fact several years older. Yes ke!

Now there was a time when I'd be genuinely upset at that slip up, but not this time - does that mean that I am becoming age conscious?! Well even if so, I still don't feel my age at all sha.

On the subject of time, let's continue the very important and juicy gist of my previous post:

My sweetheart says that his greatest gifts in life are time and love. Ofcourse I understand the love part but thought it odd that he would lump ‘time’ in the category of greatest gifts.

But it makes sense because My time is my life. A minute is not just another minute, it’s a fraction of my life passing by. Never to be recalled. Time is a resource but it’s also a gift, because we only have a certain amount of it. We can’t create it. The only people who no longer have time are those who are no longer alive!

So can I say that in cherishing my time, I’m cherishing my life? And when I waste time not doing anything or doing something that isn’t adding value, can I say I’m wasting my life away? Or is this too drastic a statement?

If given a choice, what would you rather part with: your money or your time?

And if so, what would it depend on?