Monday, March 30, 2015

Nigeria Decides! Follow the live coverage of the 2015 election votes now!

Good morning Diaspora!

Who is following the collation of results?

 Keep up with the 2015 Presidential elections via Channels TV online:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Election Day Nigeria 2015 - It's time to Vote!

Good morning diaspora!

Today is Election day and I'm in Lagos!

Below is a photo of the Google Nigeria home page ( featuring an appropriately themed doodle of a spinning ballot box in the green white green Nigerian flag colors:

If you're in the diaspora, and want to follow the coverage live, Channels TV is your best bet. They stream their broadcast live at

You can also download Channels app to smart devices and follow them on their various social media platforms for up to date and independent reporting on election day voting!

If you're home side and you've got your voter's card, do your part and vote! If you can't, stay engaged and join the conversation online.

It's our Nigeria. Let's own it. Let's shape it!