Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should I move back to Nigeria?

Question: I'm going back and forth on my moving back decision! I'm trying to decide if I should come back home to Nigeria or if I should go to the States to get my MBA or keep working to process my permanent residency/citizenship?

I think one of the first things you have to do is figure out what is important to YOU. That's what I've realized. Lots of folks were asking why I wanted to come home. I could have forced myself to subscribe to the American dream, but the truth is, at that moment and at that time, it wasn't MY dream.

MBA, NYSC or getting you foreign citizenship, only you can decide. Listen to your talents, hopes and observe which way your thoughts go. In my case in early 2007 I just found myself excited about Nigeria. It was almost obsessive and I couldn't decide if it was a passing phase of homesickness or a call to return home. So I decided to do youth service. Great option because it gave me a one year no-strings attached trial to decide if Nigeria was for me or not while I secured the certificate.

If you're anxious about returning to Nigeria, the best thing is to come for a short holiday--a situational analysis/test run/risk assessment of sorts! Pay attention to your reactions and feelings in the environment. Do you generally feel alive and at peace? Are you happy? Or are you restless, irritated
and uninspired?

Remember that whatever happens, the years will pass anyway. You can spend the next two years getting an MBA, or spend them working and processing your papers to become a citizen or resident of your current country, or you can spend them at home working/getting your NYSC while you explore the options here. All of these are exciting opportunities—they are all productive ways to spend the next few years and can lead to a promising future. But only you can decide which one is for you!

But if you follow your talents, skills and dreams, you can't go wrong. There'll be ups and downs, doubts and joys but because you're true to yourself, you'll find peace.

The only person you should compete with is yourself ;)