Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should I move back to Nigeria?

Question: I'm going back and forth on my moving back decision! I'm trying to decide if I should come back home to Nigeria or if I should go to the States to get my MBA or keep working to process my permanent residency/citizenship?

I think one of the first things you have to do is figure out what is important to YOU. That's what I've realized. Lots of folks were asking why I wanted to come home. I could have forced myself to subscribe to the American dream, but the truth is, at that moment and at that time, it wasn't MY dream.

MBA, NYSC or getting you foreign citizenship, only you can decide. Listen to your talents, hopes and observe which way your thoughts go. In my case in early 2007 I just found myself excited about Nigeria. It was almost obsessive and I couldn't decide if it was a passing phase of homesickness or a call to return home. So I decided to do youth service. Great option because it gave me a one year no-strings attached trial to decide if Nigeria was for me or not while I secured the certificate.

If you're anxious about returning to Nigeria, the best thing is to come for a short holiday--a situational analysis/test run/risk assessment of sorts! Pay attention to your reactions and feelings in the environment. Do you generally feel alive and at peace? Are you happy? Or are you restless, irritated
and uninspired?

Remember that whatever happens, the years will pass anyway. You can spend the next two years getting an MBA, or spend them working and processing your papers to become a citizen or resident of your current country, or you can spend them at home working/getting your NYSC while you explore the options here. All of these are exciting opportunities—they are all productive ways to spend the next few years and can lead to a promising future. But only you can decide which one is for you!

But if you follow your talents, skills and dreams, you can't go wrong. There'll be ups and downs, doubts and joys but because you're true to yourself, you'll find peace.

The only person you should compete with is yourself ;)


  1. u are still sitting on the fence, wht did u decide babes! we wanna know.

  2. Great option because it gave me a one year no-strings attached trial to decide if Nigeria was for me or not while I secured the certificate.

    what do youmean by that ? one year no strings attached trial ? as in how ?

  3. @anonymous, The one year of NYSC was set aside for youth service, but it was also a time to try things out: see how I liked living in Nigeria, consider career options, decide whether I wanted to bag another degree or whether I wanted to keep working. At the end of one year, after my commitment was over, I was free to move on to other thigns. That's why I refer to NYSC as a trial with no strings attached.

  4. @miz-cynic, Yes I know I need to update on that! I've started working in corporate Nigeria so to speak but I'm writing, so it's a nice balance between the creative and the corporate, more on this later..
    @amina , glad to hear ;)

  5. nice blog got a new site for you for those moving back to Nigeria.

  6. My opinion, go back for you MBA, majority of Univeristies here at home may waste your time, get your permanent citizenship, then move back to Nigeria if you want to. If you achieve the previous 2, Nigeria will always be here for u

  7. Think of what you can achieve with your talents and all as a dual citizen

  8. Back to Naija,

    Fancy coming across this blog, thanks again to Jeremy's NaijaBlog.

    I have just returned to Naija and I have started a blog to chronicle my experiences.

    I will surely stay clued to your blog as I hope you check mine out.

    One piece of advice though, Naija ROCKS. There is no place like home. Take it from me, having been out for almost 20 years.

    Check out what I have been up to at

    Well done and keep on writing.

  9. that is excellent advice for a tough question.

    best of luck to whoever has to make that decision.

  10. Thanks for the blog.. Its a really tough decision, I tell yah.. case of moving back or not..
    But you made so much sense and like some people will say, "kill 2 birds with one stone" hence, get the Masters and the citizenship and then move back! I think thats smart too...

    Nice blog.. mos def coming back

  11. please does anyone know how to register for nysc without going back to Nigeria - please help a brother out. I can pay you money after the process is done.

    let me know at

  12. inspiring stuff. u r spot on about following dreams, skills and talents. one thing is for sure, u can achieve everything in diaspora as u can back home. for sure!

  13. yeah
    workforce Nigeria is pretty amazingly good for high paying jobs in Nigeria

  14. Moving back was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. I love my new life.

  15. Hi,

    thank you for this blog. I am in the same shoes as you found yourself two years ago. Thinking of coming back for about a year before grad schl next year.

    I am planning on arriving in the next two weeks for batch B. I've got a lot of questions and I will be so grateful if we could chat via email. Mine is

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. lol...for yáll returning to 9ja..check out this Nigerian pidgin english dictionary and translator. get lost o o