Sunday, January 24, 2010

No longer entry-level

This is the view from the top of Mokola Hill, Ibadan as taken from the nostalgic Premier Hotel.
This May, it’ll be four years since I graduated from college. Oh my goodness. It means I’ve left the realm of entry-level. Yikes! And here I am still screaming and jumping and running away from a mini rat that walked into my room. I screamed so hard, I dropped my cell phone while talking to my mother.
Then I remembered she was still on the line and grabbed the phone to put her mind at rest. She was quite sympathetic considering that my mother grew up with all boys on a farmland – things like cockroaches and rats don’t intimidate her. In yesterdays, my scream fest would have warranted a hiss from my mom.
My voice is still a bit tender from the scream. Even the little rat was confused. It twirled 280 degrees before finally deciding to head out of my room. You better!
Of course I had to report the yeye rat to my sweetie. In fact, I would have ordered my knight in shining armor over to my place (yes ke, I was a damsel in distress!) were he not smack in the middle of a meeting when I called. Nonetheless, he has this way of convincing me that the rat and (or any other object of terror) I will not cross paths anymore. And I believed him. At least enough to dash to the kitchen to switch off my burning pot of rice.
Now I’m tiptoeing around my own house. What utter rubbish. In my late 20s! The injustice of oppression! I must overcome this fear.
First thing tomorrow morning, I’m calling the fumigator. I’ve already placed cloth under my door - yes the rat is small enough to crawl under.
But in the meantime, I’m going to sleep my fears away…
Good night.


  1. hahahaha U sound just like me!! That is the exact same thing I'd be doing if I saw a rat ..sure it weren't a mouse though?

    Hope ur well...and who is this knight in shining armor that u are talking about ...

  2. we definitely can't go thru life without being scared of smtn ..... I understand ur rat scare.

  3. I cannot stand cockroaches or rats either...and the sight of either one makes me scream (and my folks in Naija found it hilarious too). I hope that fumigator gets rid of all nuisances!

    Congrats on leaving the entry-level status behind :)

  4. laughing so bad

    I can't stand The best way to kill a rat is to chase it till it

    Goodnite, congrats on leaving the entry-level status. Hope life is treating you good. Go eat your burnt rice, Naija la

  5. Omo, you get liver o! So you still slept in that room that same night....Emi ke? Lai lai...I would have kept night vigil and killed that rat before venturing to sleep in that room again!

    I've been following your blog for a while now...Keep blogging abeg!

  6. lol. just prepare to kick the hel lout of the rat when nex you see it -[wink]

  7. Maybe you should invest in that "Rat Bomb" stuff the street hawkers sell...or a rat trap - but just the thought of a decaying dead rat hanging out at an unknown location in the house gives me the heebee-jeebees... good luck with this one!
    PS - can you please blog more about your sweetheart...jist mongers like me want to know more :)...where u met, what he's like...etc all the juicy stuff you can divulge online :)

  8. Or maybe you could use "Ota-Pia-Pia"...LOL!

  9. I'm so glad to find out that I'm not the only scared-y one out there! LOL. You guys have definitely helped my self-esteem -and thank you for the extermination tips ;)

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