Thursday, June 28, 2007

FAQs - Why are you going back home?

Yes O, I'm going back home to Nigeria. Very very soon. And as anticipated I'm greeted with a lot of startled responses. I'm still collecting responses and will publish the very best. In the meantime here's answers to anticipated most frequently asked questions.


Are you serious?
I've bought my ticket and collected my transit visa

Are you crazy?

What will you do ?
We'll find out together

Will you come back?
I dunno

But why?
Work visa wahala, the foreigner status has lost its glamor, I'm bored in America, it's time to go and make something of my life, I'm homesick, there's free rent, food, car and my parents tlc back home and because when God says it's time, it's time.

Are you sure you're hearing well? Better still, are you feeling ok?
I've asked myself this too. But you should see the huge smile on my face and excitement in my stomach whenever I tell people I'm outta here. I have PEACE. Then I REMEMBER the mosquito bites, sweaty, light-less nights, Tejuosho traders harassing me to come and buy pant and bra, danfo drivers who scratch my car while they scream at me to get a driver. And I ask myself...ARE YOU HEARING WELL??


  1. wow brave move...

  2. just recently found your blog. cant wait to hear more of your story as the months and years pass by.

  3. i've been following ur blog religiously, i'm in d UK and totally fed up wid it so i'm off to my homeland firstly to do my NYSC this september. i hope my experiences are this memorable.....

  4. @anon1-I guess you can say so, at the time it felt like I just jumped!
    @neoma,"as the months and years pass by.."I pray it goes into the years, but so far, so good.
    @anon2, in Nigeria, you will definitely have memorable moments

  5. Quite informative blog thanks. Moving back in December aswell, getting cold feet!

    Am bored of UK and time to go to the "belly of the beast".
    Went on a reconnaissance mission to lagos/Abuja a couple of months ago and finally made up my mind.

    As you mentioned accomodation is priority everything else will follow.

  6. The thing is you are happy and that's all that matters. U are one strong African chick.

  7. Love your blog! I was in ABJ this past Christmas - it inspired the first post on my blog! 9ja 4 life ! No place like home !!

  8. oh my giddy me work visa is the killer. whilst most people cut corners and do arranged marriages or force themselves on citizens its something i would never contemplate. Naija is home for me, hopefully soon-ish i'll be back where my heart is and where I belong. me cyannt wait *jamaican accent*

  9. I really enjoy your blog. It is super entertaining. I have lived in the UK all of my life and now that I've just graduated I feel it's time for me to venture into the unknown. Honestly England is boring!, the weather bad and a lot of the people fake, I have heard a lot of bad things about Nigeria but my parents made it so why cant I? I'm starting my youth service this November so if you want you can follow my blog. Going to document my experiences as a naive Brit being integrated into Nigerian society. I know it will be difficult but I'm ready for a challenge. God bless xxx

  10. Oh, this blog is a blessing. I am totally bored in America. I am already surfing the web to see if I can get a job from here, then I'll move.

    I told a frined I could be moving and she was looking at me like I need a pyschiatric doctor visit