Sunday, March 9, 2008

"V Monologues: The Nigerian Story" in Abuja

I watched the second showing of the V Monologues in Abuja on Friday and all I can say is: Ayaya yaya!Fantastic script, fantastic cast, fantastic acting.
It is a stunning production. With just a dozen seasoned actresses and a handful of men on drums, director Wole Oguntokun takes the internationally-renowned Vagina monologues and turns it into an accurate retelling and long overdue tribute to lives of millions of Nigerian women.
The script seamlessly tackles widowhood, rape, incest, domestic violence and female sexuality with depth and humor. In the opening scene, Kemi Akindoju's character fumes with both love and hate towards her incestuous daddy. In another, a misinformed, born-again woman (Omonor Imobhio) stops her first orgasm on her wedding night to cast out the"evil" sensations. A few scenes later, Tunde Aladese explains to her in-laws why she grabbed her husband's manhood--and threatens to do worse the next time around!
If feelings make you uncomfortable, there's no walking out or closing your ears against the intensity during this show. The in-your-face storytelling will find you either singing along with the characters, or frozen in stunned silence, or breaking into hysterical laughter and crazy applause.
The V monologues boldly captures the real life stories that go untold, unseen and unaddressed in the hearts of countless girls and women. To the writers, cast and director of V Monologues: The Nigerian Story, I say:
Well done. Encore. Encore! Where and when can I get a DVD?
For more details on the showings check out the director's blog, here


  1. Thank you for appreciating our efforts, backtonaija.

  2. WOW!!! U r like a totally excellent writer!!!

    This is an excellent review and i'm totally jealous of u right now!!!

    I hope some bank sponsors a DVD production... maybe it cud win a Film Festival award and become internationally acclaimed like "ThunderBolt Magun" (have u seen it?)

    Nway, i'm visiting via Laspapi's blog...

    I'll have 2 say.. Congratulations 2 u for seeing the show cos i'm totally jealous!!!!! WONDERFUL REVIEW!!

  3. I guess we watched the same show.

    During the born again skit my friend was watching a female pastor he knows tucked away in the audience. The woman was trying to "bone" seriously until she couldnt help laughing out loud.

    I was watching two elderly Ibo men who had no idea what the show was about... the one on the war had them at the edge of thier seats...

    the idea that presently acclaimed and decorated nigerians were rapists during the war though obvious is something I never considered...

    hey let me get off and write my own blog on this!

  4. @laspapi, you're most welcome! It's a must see production for this society.

    @1pet2v9, thanks for you comments, I'm glad you like the review :)

    @pam- lol. I'm coming over to read your blog. Pls tell me what is so anti-Christian about a married woman giving God praise for sexuality?

  5. Hi. like someone earliar mentioned you really did give it an excellent review. My cousins in lagos have seen it, but all I hear is "it was good."
    I do hope it comes out on DVD sha bc I dont plan on going home anytime soon but I would really like to see it.

  6. Hey, u're a brilliant writer. I just hope I'll make it to one of the venues to watch the play, nothwitstanding the fact that I've read the book, nothwitstanding that I've already made a post on it. Cheers.

  7. gosh, great blog! Review aside, you are doing a lot of pple a huge favour by talking about your experiences of moving back home. I've book marked your blog now and will be back....take care and all the best! X

  8. Hey Yeti,
    Good move on coming back to blog world. enjoyed the write ups.


  9. -dat one orika girl, thanks, yes I really hope they get funding to produce dvds

    -aloofar, I haven't read the book, nor seen the original monologues, thanks for the compliment!

    -internationalhome, am glad to know am being of some use ;)

    -chi, why are you disclosing my identity but hiding yours?

  10. i like ur blog n i like wat u do
    i'm new on here so lets have fun n get to know each other