Monday, July 7, 2008

My 6 quirks

Nneoma tagged me. I don’t know if these are really quirky, but oh well, here goes:

1)I love to question people about their lives. It's like I'm on an interview or playing 21 questions because I keep the questions coming one after the other. It makes some people uncomfortable, while others love it. I like hearing people's's like reading a good book. I got away with it as a child since most kids can question you tire, but as I grew up it got me in trouble with my elders who felt that I was being nosy or rude. So I learnt to tone down on it...especially now that I'm back in Nigeria, but I always wonder what lies beneath...

2)I stare at them, coo over them and love cuddling them. I go ga-ga over babies. I might be in the middle of a serious conversation with you, but if I spot a cute baby…I’m instantly distracted, gazing and yearning to carry a stranger’s baby. Those wide stares, bobby heads and chubby fingers...they light my world any day. Just don’t ask me to tamper with their diapers !

3)I really don't like wearing sweaters, or any type of fabric that makes my skin crawl. Sweaters are elegant and keep you warmer than the cotton long sleeve, but for some reason sweaters make the hairs on my arm stand up, which makes me cold...and I usually choose comfort over style. They also make me sweat and I find the combination of sweat and cold yucky.

4)When I eat my meals, I don't drink water or any other liquid. It’s a habit from childhood. It’s not intentional and I didn’t know it was unusual until I’d sit down to eat with friends and they’d point out that I wasn’t drinking anything. Eating out has helped to cure me of this because they serve drinks first, but I finished eating 10 minutes ago and I am yet to drink anything, so excuse me while I get a glass of water!

Okay, I’m back…

5)I thrive on change and go out of my way to get variety. I get excited when my body lotion is about to finish because it means I get to try out a different brand. I get restless with routines so I look for ways to shake things up. I love different foods and almost never order anything twice from a menu. In Nairobi, Kenya, there’s a restaurant called Carnivore. For a flat price, they keep brining all sort of meat for you to eat until you signal for them to stop. I didn’t stop until I had tried it all: crocodile, giraffe, deer... sorry if you’re vegetarian and reading this ;)

6) I need humming sound to fall asleep. I think they call it white noise. A fan or a/c. It's soothing. Even if I have a cold, I'd rather suffer the blocked nose than face the silent room. However, I cannot fall asleep with the radio/tv/music on in the background...(future hubby take note!) Just a soft gentle hum. So what about when NEPA strikes at night and there's no appliance to lull me to sleep? I find myself awake and very alert to the strange sounds of the night.

Okay most of you have been tagged so I'll let you be. How have you guys been?


  1. I check out ur blog 2ice a day.U keep it real and straight from d heart.U R FUNNY AND INTERESTING.Water is good 4 u so drink more

  2. Very funny quirks.

    LMAO... U put us on hold to drink water!

    @5 It's a gift you've got there.

    Ok. I share #6, not everytime though.


  3. I'd love to have quirk #5 of yours. It was very interesting getting to know you a bit better.

  4. I love babies too, but to be honest i can't be bothered by the unfriendly ones. No be by force.

    I read somewhere that it's not good to drink water while eating. you should wait until u are done eating to drink. Only God knows the truth.

    Where's my share of that suya u went to get? You think i don't remember ur comment abi? Oya, hand it over.

  5. yay! an update...i like this tag thingy

  6. You are quirky..excitement at vanishing lotions; crocodile & giraffemeat white noise as a sleep aid but not tv or music....I can do complete silence but wake up annoyed at tv/radio/music playing as I sleep.
    I love water.
    I owe you a book or two, I love avid readers. I'll lend you twenty se'f if we ever bump into each other and you promise to return them.

  7. hey so i am tearing up right now just reading the comments people leave for you, cause you inspire them and your so amazing at writing.. is the one who live in chi-town writing.. ur sis.. i love u sooooooo much.. ach..

  8. @anon,awww, that's encouraging to know, but it means I need to get writing some more! Yes, there's nothing like cold water in Nigeria. good stuff!
    @aloofar,yes no. 6 doesn't apply when I'm bone tired ;)
    @goodnaijagirl, thanks babe.
    @sting, I didn't buy that suya oh, can you imagine, maybe tonight though ;)True the unfriendly babies can be such party poopers ;(
    @anon1, are you implying that I don't update enough? mmph! ;)
    @laspapi, I didn't think I was that quirky! Yipeee to the books! I promise to return them ;) Maybe I'll bump into you if I'm in Lagos and I catch one of the soyinka plays.I'm just so addicted to Abuja!
    @anon2,aww, hey you living in chi-town, i love ya too!

  9. Hey ! nice blog n all. I write about the same stuff, but I kinda like look at the whole thing from a comic angle. Had a good laugh going through your blog... yeah on the quirks
    1: U've obviously not met a psycopath... and their existence isn't limited to thrillers

    2: Now are you trying to tell the available single guys on your blog something...mmmmmhhhhmmmmmm, my stay here may be short-lived

    3: bless the day when all of mankind can have a choice on what and how to keep warm

    4: A good plate of locally made 'yam-peppersoup' will put this quirk to rest once and for all. I think you should try it

    5: CROCODILE !!!! what ? have to rush off to the toilet to disgorge my breakfast, YUKKK

    6: I'll let this one pass

    Okay I'm just joking, nice post , nice writing style, hope I see more of these (less crocodile meals )..LOL. Takia

  10. @ebony, yeah, you're blog is on my link list at the left, you capture the pains and joys of corper life well ;)
    oooh, yam peppersoup sounds delicious. where can I get that?
    and no, I'm not sending any signals, I've always loved babies...and don't I have to be a available in order to be sending signals to available guys ;)

  11. ahh you are one of those, eat then drink water after, i take 2 cups of water for every spoon i take!!

  12. I love the babies part. I love babies too. So

  13. U try sha you de survive without light and sleeping?