Thursday, September 11, 2008

Passing out!

Okay, I must break this trend. What's up with blog links telling me it's been 4 weeks since I updated? You've all been on my mind, and so has PASSING OUT PARADE!

Yes, today is my last day as a corper. Halleluiah, halleluiah, halle---lui---yaaaaahhhhh! Thank You God. Mwah! I will officially retire the boots and khaki, which I love wearing and will terribly miss. I always feel like a celebrity as I strut down the streets in my uniform, with people hailing "corper!" "ajuwaya" as I feel cool with myself...yeah, that's me!


So what new? I've been wrapping up projects at work, considering new projects, trying to plan my down time for the rest of the month. It's been 14 months, and I still love living here I must say. And for that, I'm grateful Lord.

Techie-wise, I'm back on a Mac--haven't been on one since my college days and I've forgotten a lot of the shortcuts. But it seems like the Mac knows how to tackle slow and erratic wireless connections so I'm not complaining.

If you like working from your phone, I recommend Nokia's latest business phone, the E71. She's slimmer and prettier than the Blackberry and she's got a unique Nokia ring tone. My Naija people are always updating to the latest phones even before it hits the market-- regardless of the price or the high risk of theft! The E71 now goes for N85,000 at the Nokia store and about N70k at the GSM village. That's up from N53K when it first landed a month ago! Nigerians are phone crazy, I tell ya.

Speaking of cell phones, GSM provider, Celtel is now Zain. That's like their 4th change since Econet! I'm loving the Zain brand I must say. Hip, young and urban. Definitely in a better state to compete with MTN. Looking at their billboards and ads, they're doing a good job of interpreting the dark tones in their logo. But when it's all said and done, what we want is good service! Hey do they still show those funny Cingular AT&T dropped calls ads?
they started out as

Okay peeps, gotta run. Passing out parade is about to start! Have a fabulous day. Remember: one life to live, so live it up!

P.S In reference to the previous post, I earn 1 million naira a faith! Ha ha, peeps I was jesting! But I claim it, seal it and grab it for myself. Afterall those people no get two heads, haba!


  1. Congrats on your POP...have a great you can freely earn ur N1M per month without owing ur country anything....all the best

  2. i feel ur joy am a corper too and am currently serving in hell.

  3. your posts make me excited to about going for NYSC

  4. Ok! My first time commenting here tho I've been keeping tabs on your NYSC waka since they started. My younger bro passed out today in Nassarawa too so CONGRATS to all you guys!
    You know I used to wonder what you'll blog about now NYSC's over...

  5. Congrats on your passing out girl. And Congrats in advance on your 1M earnings per month....Amen! Amen! Amen! :)
    I keep wondering if I'll get back to Naija to serve.

    Techie wise (as I am an aspiring geek), I'm having a slow quasi-affair with Macs, but on my PC firefox does the tackling of slow, faint or almost unavailable wireless service.

    I'm in total love with Nokia phones, and I think Nokia knows that Nigerians are in love with them too. I'm hoping for a touchscreen Nokia phone in the near future...

  6. Girl,
    I just wanted to let u know how much of a role model you are to me. I am currently getting my Masters in the states and my goal is to move back home. I am really petrified but I think if you can do it so well, the least I can do is try. Congratulations on passing out and goodluck with the 1 million bit. Question: if one is a US citizen and a nigerian, do u still have to serve? Not that I dont want to...

  7. CONGRATS!! You inspire me to just go and do NYSE when am done oh!!!

    Temite, If you want to work 'freely' in Nigeria without scandal, you have to do NYSC I guess! Oh you're a US citizen? Dunno, you might have 'foreigner' stats in 9ja so either way, JUST DO IT!

  8. You've been such an inspiration. Congratulations!! Now, go and knock 'em dead. Do your thang.

  9. Congrats girl. Really admire your courage. I'm going to do what you've done very soon!

  10. congrats...i just passed out too....i have pics from my camp experience..too scary..

  11. thanks girl,
    i'm currently in UK and thinking of relocating pretty soon.
    NYSC was a scary thot but thanks for all the info. i'm well informed and look forward to serving my country!!! :-)

    thanks again for the info