Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After the work day

There’s no state-powered electricity, but the generator is on—running on its last few litres.

A friend’s driver ventured out to buy N2,000 fuel.

That's my weekly budget for self- generated electricity.

Thank God for kind help. He also re-fueled and pulled the gen.

While I sleep, I hope electricity comes. I won't be surprised if doesn't. I won't notice if it does.

Lagos driving irked me yesterday. Today I read a magazine.

I ’ve washed my dinner plates, ironed my work clothes and taken out my contacts.

I need to talk about my country...


  1. Gosh you know traffic is bad when you have time to read a magazine.

  2. Sorry it will get better one day.

  3. Well, let's all talk about the country.

  4. Looks like someone is coping.

    Sis, have you decided to stay?

  5. @GNG, actually someone else was driving, I just couldn't face the traffic that day! wasap girl?

    @LusciousRon, yes it will, very very soon.

    @Solomonsydelle, yes, think, talk and act. How are your troopers?

    @standtall, I'm realy enjoying myself. As for staying-I like to say yes, but I am always up for an adventure.

  6. Hellooooo,

    First time here in your compound. Sorry for the intrusion.

    So you are a JJC as well. Interesting stuff. I am.

    Well, welcome to 9ja. I know we would applaud our move as long as we refuse to get frustrated by the facilities yonder which can sometimes be seen as privileges over here.

    I am here to stay though.

    God bless and see you next time.

  7. Nice post. you really do get used to Nigeria after a bit

  8. uhhhhh can we get a new blog??? uhh...ok...yeah thanks...

  9. There's basically little you can do after a work day, especially if work ends by 5:-)

    I hope the electricity improves though