Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Foreign Shoes on Nigerian Roads

The picture at the top is what my heels looked after I picked it up from the cobbler. What you see on the bottom is what happened the following day! Needless to say I'm going to look for another shoe man!

My hip swinging, shoulders-back strutting, down the streets of Lagos is eating up my heels. I used to wonder why a lot of pretty Lagos ladies wore slippers and suits to work in the morning. Now I understand. They keep their fancy shoes in their handbags. It more than comfort, it’s about preservation.

Thank God for the shoe cobbler in front of my house. I give him N50 and he hammers on new rubber soles for me. But I might have to take the cue and carry my pumps in my handbag like other sensible females.

Nah…I’ll keep clomping down the streets or keep my signature flats. In any color or style, I’d take flats over heels any day. I milk the advantage of not needing the added inches. But I can’t deny there’s nothing like a pair of platforms, stilettos, wedges or the good ‘ol pair of pumps to pump up a gal’s confidence.

In true human fashion, all my neglected shoes that were labeled too high, too big or too un-cool have been dug up from the back of the closet. I also plan on pilfering my mother’s same shoe-size collection. Me, I’m not following them to buy N12, 000 shoes oh. I still can’t get over the prices of goods in Nigeria. More on this later.

Do those of you who live in Chicago, New York, London, experience this shoe chopping effect?


  1. Where do you shop? If you live in Lagos, you can mail me, I know some great places to get fab shoes that won't break bank.

  2. O.M.G I LOVEEE UR BLOG, MOved back myself and started a back2naija blog (dat I kinda dumped ;). anyways how about, all my shoes are ruined and I now borrow my mom's shoes, I am still waiting till I travel to buy new ones, there is no way in HELL am BUYING SHOES, CLOTHING, or any other ridiculouslly priced stuff here. like seriously.

    my tailor makes my outfit, now if I can find someone to make my shoes.

  3. A cobbler is a shoe lovers best friend, I swear! lol!

    When i lived in DC, those roads chewed up my heels but I never ever gave them up. Now with kids, I am a little more efficient about my shoe choices when we hang out. But when its just me, or when I am out with my girlfriends, give me the highest heels, please!

    Fashion is pain, my sista. And since the cobbler is right there, keep doing you, lol!


  4. omg . lol flats anywhere anyday , jesus christ i know i rock flats and keep the louboutins in the bag. and am dead serious. last week i went for casting. every model had heels, my girl i say na lie . me? na flats na im i carry wear when i reach door i put my christian louboutin on.

  5. Sorry o. I can add a lot to this but most importantly, hmmm you might want to dig more comfortable shoes for our roads

  6. he he he, I guess comfort reason and #2 to avoid their sexy shoes being it is so common in Yankee too, I rather buy a low heeled shoe for work and rock my sexy high heeled shoe for Sunday or big parties. Apart from that, I can't imagine wearing high heels to work especially for a Monday to Friday hectic schedule.

    I miss ya, hope Lagos is treating you well. Be safe.

  7. haha @ yourbestfriend your very funny!

    It's a common thing here in london too! You wear the flats then just as your about to enter the office/church/party you rock your heels!

    It's a great way for heels not to wear out and also me I odn't want any bunions/corns ewww!

    I never wore heels when I was in Naij though ...I'm quite tall ... I'd feel a little out of place lol's not a common thing for females to be tall back home...but hey I love me long legs!

  8. The cost of repairing your shoes in uk is 1/2 the price of a new one so I dont I just but extra heels when I buy shoes...

  9. @LusciousRon, yes oh, please do share the names of those places. I’ve gone looking for your email addy: no joy. When you get the chance, can you drop me a line at ?

    @Uchenna, thanks dear! Check out city cobblers on Awolowo road, Ikoyi they might make shoes. Still looking for a tailor myself. Yes, will do the bulk of my shopping when I travel.

    @’Sydelle, Fashion is truly pain. I didn’t realize it takes so much effort to look good. Congrats on your NBA nominees. Keep doing you!

    @xoxo’, how did the casting go? I’ve been carrying my heels in my bag more often.

    @standtall, thanks jare

    @yakeenaijababe, yes Lagos is treating me real good. Thanks dear.

    @missflyhigh, there are quite a lot of long leggies here in Lag.

    @afrobabe, very smart my dear. It reminds me of how my mom used to have our loafers re-stitched immediately she bought them.

  10. Its gonna cost me bloody $14 to get the soles to my heels replaced. Rip off i call it.

  11. Girl! You know better than to run around in heels in Naija with bad roads...and no sidewalks!!! (lol)...

    But your idea of wearing the flats outside, and then when you get into the building you bring out the better shoes is what you should do...

    That is every woman's secret, especially if you have to use public transportation for work...of course, unless you are just rolling in money like that and can change shoes daily...


  12. looove ur blog!
    moved back in december, currently doing my NYSC and yes! i do kill myself with heels, almost everyday to work (not very smart- i know) but heels make the outfit look soo cute!

    anyhoo, keep up the good work..

  13. ...and yeah, i do need to get a shoe cobler ASAP! my soles are dying slowly but surely. and i'm beginning to toss shoes aside (sheuu, i better wakeup and realize there's no DSW or payless around the corner lol)

  14. Hi,

    I've just come across your blog, great stuff.;)

    Talking about shopping without breaking the bank, you might want to try Parcae along Iju Road, Ifako-Ijaiye. I got a couple of bargains there myself. Just a little advice from a fellow returnee.

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