Sunday, May 31, 2009

May must not pass me by!

I can't believe I allowed April to pass without posting, just when I was being a good girl and posting more regularly. Now today's the last day of May and I've had about 10 posts swimming in my head but the real owner of my laptop came for it! Yes.

May he or she or whoever it is sold to enjoy it. Boohoo! Now that I've grieved for my baby, I need a new one my people. What's the hottest notebook on the market now? Any recommendations? Usually takes me about a month of serious consumer reading and browsing to settle on a big purchase (car, digital camera, laptop, even my queen sized comforter -- well that took about one year to find the perfect design!) so the sooner I start, the better.

Other stuff that I've got on my mind: How expensive housing can be in Lagos or even in Nigeria in general! Seriously, the cost of living here isn't a joke at all. How do Nigerians earn paychecks in naira but buy goods at the dollar rate?

No wonder there's corruption, greed, materialism...but that's another rant for another day.

How y'all doing?


  1. lol, may really did not pass u buy. i know what u mean about "big purchases." been there several times myself.

  2. Ah! You made it in time for May. Hope u r doing okay. I need a new computer too, hopefully i can steal the suggestions people leave u.

  3. pele abt ur laptop dearie, But how manage?!?!

    Happy new month

  4. HA! Naija people are blessed with so much stolen wealth. WHile other nations were basking in the ugly edifice of economic crunch some nigerians were buying mad houses abroad

  5. If you are in Lagos, it's worth going to Computer Village to buy a new would be able to see variety and the prices are quite affordable than going to independent retailers who dont even know information about their products. Now forget brand name what you need to be looking at is the processor speed - Intel Core 2 Duo or Dual Core - also, storage space (160, 200, 250GB) and RAM speed (Ideally 2GHz, 3GHz is currently the highest) Brand name, not too important.

  6. They stole your laptop? Pele

    The cost of living I hear is very high...hmmm..Sometimes I hear my friends in Nigeria talking about purchases with loads of zeros at the end and it is kinda scary

    God dey!

  7. There's a Dell store in V/I and I know they have warranty-ness afterwards so that might be the way to go so that if it messes up at least if you have problems they can hook you up.

    As far as what computer to get Macs are expensive but are supposed to be really good. I've never been able to figure them out so personally I prefer PC but maybe I'm just not that smart???

    I love your blog. Adore it. Tell all my friends to read it. I've given myself till the end of July to find an OPT job if not I'm coming home jare!!!

  8. You were away for too long! I just got a mini. It's ACER 2920. Wonderful. Unless you are not a fan. Beautiful white key board, great sound, 250Gb HDD et al. Check it out and its just 12.5".

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