Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The morale of the story

People, people, people, my previous post was not about wanting a new phone. (I don't want one)

I don catch una! With your greedy minds. After all the plenty talk I’ve been talking on this blog. Yes, I was recently delivered from corper-hood and a long-standing affair with miserliness, but sho! definitely not to the point where I’d spend 100k on a phone. Hey, what are daddies and sweethearts for? Heh heh.;)

There’s a deeper message people. Oya, go back and read! ;)


  1. I agree with you. Congrats on being delivered from corper shun!

    I need/lust/want/ a new phone!

  2. congrats... i knw how it feels to fling ur corper uniform away permanently

  3. who be the 'sweethearts' o, make we hear tori!