Monday, July 6, 2009

Aggression aside!

This morning I was trying to act like a superwoman on my way to work. I had decided to sleep in and consequently had to take public transport to work. Catching a bus from my usually crowded stop was not a problem, but once seated in the danfo, I kept wondering why we didn’t have a conductor in such a large bus (27 seater instead of the usual 15 seater).

My mind conjured up all sorts of explanations including being driven off third mainland bridge into some underwater kingdom. (As if lack of a conductor would be the prerequisite for entry!)

But as I was saying before I hit that weird tangent, I got to Obalande without any of the usual PT drama except having to split N100 change with another passenger who the driver was owing after we all disembarked. Because I was holding the change, I wandered around wondering who to ask for change. I asked one agbero looking man who gruffly told me he didn’t have. Then a big guy walks up to me and offers to make change for us. He must have overheard me or perhaps was on the same bus, but I was so surprised and touched. I don’t think I looked that lost or distraught, this man was just being kind!

Fastforward to my superwoman move. I find a half empty bus going my route. The driver isn’t stopping and with 20 minutes to get to work, there’s no way I’m gonna miss this bus. So I grab the door and hop on board - only to miss my step! Thinking back now the driver must have stopped or my hands must have held me up because I didn’t fall to the ground. I scraped my left thigh against the iron chairs (with bruises to show even though I was wearing jeans) and just sort of hung on the bus.

Kai! Sorry. Eya! Sorry oh! All the passengers called out in a frenzy as I recovered, stepped into the bus, brushed off my jeans settled into my seat. The young man seated to my left even put his arm around me protectively as if to shield me from additional harm !

I was sooooo embarrassed, but they kept calling out with apologies. It wasn't until I looked up at all of them and said “thank you” then they stop with the eyas!

My ego was seriously smarting, mainly because my attempt to appear an agile chick was exposed! But after I calmed down, I kept thinking: Aggression aside, Nigerians are kind people !
It is on days like this that I’m grateful for my country and optimistic about our future!


  1. You get an eya from me too... Naija love
    Hope you are ok!

  2. lol! Pele o!
    Shey ur jeans ddnt tear sha?

    Im sorry im laughing. but its kinda funny.

  3. lol...aww pele o. That was sweet Sorry about the bruises but the lesson learnt is the one I am loving.

  4. aw...what can i say???/ welcome back to 9ja

  5. Sorry dear. Hope your self confidence didnt take too much of a hit? We are kind like that.

  6. Eya sorry o. Pls be careful next time. Hope the bruise isn't too bad

  7. LMAO! I love this blog. Seems like we're ALL going through exactly the same experiences, feeling the same nostalgia, and fighting the same wars. There isn't one single thing you've written that I or any of my friends can't identify with.

    Umm...that 3rd mainland bridge daydream - whoa, imagery!!
    Eya, pele about the bruise. Brush it off proudly. Nuttin do you.

  8. hi my lovely! that made me smile especially in numerous ways.. yeetahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! love ya bobi

  9. i miss several things about naija but one of the many I don't miss is that act yorubas call "gan bus". i like how you still got to see the positive side of the story though. much needed for surviving naija wahala i guess.
    peace and love.

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  11. o gal you are brave o, grabbing a moving bus!
    now you've given me something to add to my to do list when visit naija- 'gan bus!

    pele sho gbo

    naija people are very kinds jsut too much problem masking it

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