Monday, August 17, 2009

2 Years later…in Nigeria

It’s been two years since I moved back home to Nigeria. ( My move back date was on my birthday).

I had secured a bargain on on a Lufthansa flight out from Washington Dulles, and the layover at Frankfurt left me tired. It wasn’t a long wait; the airport was just unexciting –very minimalist. It lacked the conventional airport design and airport buzz that allows you alternate between people / plane watching. So when we eventually took off for Abuja and reached cruising altitude, I quickly joined the other fatigued passengers who were jostling to make beds out of the empty rows.

I had to make do with 3 unoccupied seats (my 5’9’ comfortably requires a row of 4 seats). And I was so tired I missed the air hostess’s snack cart. An exotic food lover like myself never ever misses food on an international flight. It’s a big no-no in my world. Food is the highlight of my flight. Besides, I paid for it! Yes ke…even if you don’t feel like eating it when they bring it, collect it, my friend. It’s your own. Give it to your neighbor, eat it later or package it for yourself or for your people (How else will you know I’m a Nigerian?)

I’ll be quick to say though that I’m not one of those people who pull down their trays 15 rows before the airhostesses even reaches them. I respect myself.

So I woke up a few hours into the journey and instinctively popped my head over the chair backs to see if lunch had passed my by. It had. As if reading my mind, one of the hostesses walked over to me to find out if I’d be interested in eating. I nodded vigorously and she brought me a steaming square-shaped pizza. Those Lufthansa air hostesses are till date the nicest cabin attendants I have encountered in several years. They were cheerfully patient, and we all know that Nigerian passengers are not the easiest set of passengers to cater to!

I’ll never forget the Belgian airhostess that spoke sharply into her microphone to her mostly Israeli passengers: “Ladies and gentlemen am I speaking English or chinoise?! Please take your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete stop!” I was so shocked but then my classmates and I broke out laughing as we got off the plane. Israelis (and Nigerians if I may add) have a habit of being overzealous on flights so we didn’t fault the hostess for her frustration.

To be continued…


  1. LOL at the Belgian hostess. I love those flight snacks. I always pop mine in my handluggage to be savoured later. i am never hungry on flights.

    Hope you are enjoying your stay.

  2. Thank for making me laugh abi. O ya start part 2 so I will know where this story is headed. Hmmm I flew Lufthansa once and yes the hostesses r nice but the nicest, I will soon find out

  3. That Air Hostess story made me laugh!

  4. that's funny.... was she confused? LOL... and ah ah...there's nothing wrong with getting ur tray read nowwwwww... lol

  5. aH.. THAT happened to me on my way to Dallas.. The lady goes.. I said SIT DOWN.. WE HAVE NOT COME TO COMPELTE STOP. it was too funny.. she talked to them like children. its bobi

  6. Food is also the highlight of my flight too, hungry or not, I grab it. lol @ the Belgian hostess.

  7. There are lots of airline jobs in Noida, so why can't apply for those jobs