Monday, March 22, 2010

Marriage Talks 2

But things are getting more practical and more personal these days mmmhh.... My interest in marriage is at an all time high, and it has extended beyond fairytale considerations. I’m intrigued by certain questions about marriage. Is “love is all we need?” or is it more like “ love is not enough.” What makes 60 marriages years ago longer lasting than marriages of 20 years ago? Or perhaps they weren’t stronger and it just appears that way?

Is physical attraction the main differentiating factor between marriage and friendship? If so, what happens if you lose that attraction once you get into marriage? Do high expectations aid or hinder the success of marriage?

P.S: This once a month posting that I'm doing is not it at all oh!!!!!!!!
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  1. ...just tell us u re taking d bold step soon & u re smhw scared!

  2. Hmm, interesting thoughts. I think younger generations look at marriage as somehow more disposable, due to a decreasing amount of stigma associated with divorce, and the fact that women (at least in my corner of the world) aren't as dependent on men to be the main breadwinner since they (women) earn their own money and buy their own homes and cars.

    I recently read Marry Him and after reading it I think I got some practical information that will help me as I navigate the road to marital bliss one day!

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  5. @musco, mmh, fear is a bad ting oh!
    @GNG, I heard about Marry Him and it sounds like an interesting read. Will definitely grab a copy whenever I see one.
    @analystnextdoor, the wonders of the worldwideweb. Glad you found your way here though ;)
    @Psych, this had better not be a spam comment oh! Will check it out nonetheless.

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  7. Love is all. If you go for what you see you might end up in divorce, but marrying who you love and with much consideration that she loves you too will build a better family.