Friday, April 23, 2010

Nigerian Wedding Planning

My people, besides eloping, what do you think is the best way to pull of a small wedding reception in a culture that calls for large, loud and lavish weddings ?


  1. strictly by invitation... ppl say it doesnt work... it can and has worked in Nigeria... everyone must be a willing party and agree to what they want... plain and simple

  2. Strictly by IV..... i already have an apology letter to send out to ppl that don't get invited.

    I don't like crowd and i just want an intimate event where i can let my hair day.

  3. I'm here to take notes and I'm excited that the "by invite only" method might work!

  4. I don't know how big your family is, but what happens to family members that don't get IVs? Also, would your bouncers at the entrance be able to tell Auntie Edna that her 3 friends cannot enter with her because they were not invited? By IV only doesn't really work in Nigeria because we don't have the RSVPing culture.

    I think a destination wedding would solve the problem. I don't mean Dubai, it could be something as simple as going to Okene or Osogbo. That way the attendees will only include people who really really really have to be there. Not everyone wants to be in that traffic. You can make up for your faraway wedding by having a cocktail, or 'get-together' sometime after the wedding, for those who couldn't travel.

    The last time I stopped by here, you were talking about NYSC. Now you're getting married! That's amazing. Congratulations! Maybe I'll follow in your footsteps... Lol.

  5. @diamond hawk, yes invite only has worked, but for the people who I know it has worked for, they combined it with strict bouncers at the door/and or a exclusive location that naturally comes with heavy security..

    @GNG, lol

    @jayla, I like your style jare

    @isha, those are my questions oh! I'm not good at making enemies at all! Destination relocation is looking very plausible. Yes, NYSC was almost 3 years ago, how time flies! Girl, jump right in ;)

  6. Hm, great thot Isha, never thot of a local destination wedding...

  7. Have your wedding strictly by IV and anywhere but home so that people have to sponsor themselves (transport and accommodation) just to get there. I bet lots of them won't bother.

    BTW, really interesting blog :)

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