Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still in Nigeria - Why?

Lagos cracks me up. Seriously.

For 1 hour this evening I was stuck on Ikorodu road at Ojota. At some point, a kpangolo car behind me squashed my bumper, and the driver kept a straight face and pretended like nothing happened. ("Huh? Squash your car? It wasn't me!" Obviously the latest trick in town - pschew!)

We eventually inch along and next thing you know, a grown, healthy, fully formed area boggar (area boy/beggar) pounces on another go-slow resident and starts aggressively praying for the driver - staring him down with crazy gestures and emphatic facial expressions!

If you want to beg, biko beg, if you want to extort and threaten money out of people, then do that. Which one is this combo approach?

I was so thankful all my windows were up!

Oh and right in front of my car was an okada passenger cradling a live ram in his lap! The poor animal didn't even bother to lift its head or move a limb (on second thought, was that ram alive? It had better be!)

And the shocking thing about all this? No one bats an eyelid. Lagosians take it all in their stride, with stern forward facing faces.

The driver who the area bogger accosted didn't even glance in the guy's direction. Not once. It was his kind-hearted sister in the back who reached through the rear window to give the bogger a N100 note. Mr. bogger took the money (courteously and gratefully ofcourse), hurled a few more blessings at the car occupants and moved down the traffic lane to harass the next SUV with a window wound down.

I guess it's just another day in Las gidi ey?

Yeah. Whatever you say. Can someone tell me why I am still in this country?


  1. Hehehehe, welcome back here dear. I'm sure you know by now that anything is possible in Lagos.Lagos I hail

  2. i think this is what i like about lagos. no one seems to care. still prefer abj though.

  3. nice to see you blog back up! i know why u're still here- two words for you or maybe just one name!

  4. theres still time left to leave if u want!

  5. LOL...lagos na wa! eko oni ba je! are there to make all that lagos money? abi, no be so?

  6. I miss typical of a Lagos one cares.

  7. LOL.....that is Lagos for you oh! Pele. I hope your fun experiences outshine the bad ones.

  8. Lagos is fast becoming a Mega City of course. With Fashola second tenure, I can imagine how Lagos will look like in a four year time if he continues at this pace