Monday, August 1, 2011

Pick a partner, Choose a career, Raise a child...when you're still clueless?

What does a 20-something year old know about picking a life partner?

How much foresight does an 18-year-old have to choose a life career?

What does a young 25-year-old mother know about raising a newborn?

Where does the 21-year-old recent graduate gain knowledge about how to invest all his disposable income?

By the time the importance of investment dawns on him, he's married with 2 children and his disposable income has become tied down by 16 years of paying school fees.

By the time you gain decades of life experience and wisdom to raise your children, you turn around to find out that your babies are adults -- telling you what their own take on life is.

By the time you're older and wise enough to want more than pretty lips and smooth words in a spouse, the dating pool has shrunk so much you fear that love might have passed you by in the haze of self-centered youthful exuberance.

And just when you pass your exams and receive admission into the Ivy leagues of medical schools, you stumble on your hidden talent and passion for fashion.

Ha ha ha. The joke is on us.

Have you noticed how we have to make the most crucial decisions of our lives during the most inexperienced years of our existence?

To think that I have to sow the seeds that I will reap during the rest of my life during the years when I have the least amount of experience and wisdom to do so!

By the time I'm 40, 50, the fruit of those seeds slowly begin to ripen. The previous 2 decades of work (or sloth) begin to show their results. Joy - if that fruit is sweet and juicy. If it's not? Pain and regret!

So I have come to the scary conclusion that I am clueless. I would be a fool to dive into this life pretending like I know what I'm doing. Pretending like I have the know-how, wisdom and knowledge to make generation shaping decisions. Decisions that are seemingly inconsequentially mine to make, yet they ripple down my bloodline long after my 80 - 90 years on earth.

God has a fantastic sense of humour (and infinite wisdom). Woe unto me if I dive into the beautiful adventure of life without basking in his ways, his word and his wisdom.


  1. lol...Good read.

  2. Lovely! U sound like a today's Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. You are so right with the end paragraph.

  3. Nicely said! I guess this is why we must heed the wisdom of those older than us...sometimes the information they have can help us learn without having to learn later in retrospect.

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  5. Hi!
    I'm exactly where you were three years ago. I'm starting my NYSC in November and your blog so far has been a godsend!

    I hope I can make it through as well as you have.

    My blog is called dropping-anchor and I've just gotten started. Please feel free to look at it.


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  7. Hey, just said I should check on you. I am jide Salu from

    Re your post, all you need to do is not to be afraid to make mistakes, of course, you need to call on God Almighty, but as a mini god here on earth, you are in control of every decision you take as well as its repercussion but you can only move an inch forward with a corresponding action.

    Always remember this, we all can never escape challenges. Embrace them, for within them are pocket loads of how not to repeat the mistake and how to repeat your successes.

    Every living day we wake up into a battle - the battle to make decisions, and you have to make them whether you like it or not, if not stagnancy beckons.

    Do take time to visit me, there are loads of tips for those relocating to Nigeria. God bless and nice blog by the way.

  8. very very this post.

  9. I can't lie, i'm so so totally clueless too! Sigh!!

    Muse Origins

  10. As what they say, life is a continuous learning process. I gave birth to my eldest when I was 25, and to be honest i am clueless, i freaked out if the baby is crying and fuzzy.

  11. This post is amazing on all levels. Please where are you in 2012 ! COME BACK !!!! How are things going? Still in 9ja?

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  15. Hello,
    Well actually there are many and many mothers who younger than 25 year and they do not know anything about raising a newborn too. But I see your point and even 25-year-old mother who raising a newborn may face with big problems.

    Just be yourself, live your life and raise a child :)