Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Baby Boy

I haven't abandoned my blog O. Yes, I still live in Nigeria. I'm still married have a baby. How is everyone out there? I know it's been a couple of months...or more like one dozen.

I don't think I can ever give up my blog. I love to write. I love to share. I like knowing I have a place where I can trade stories.

As I type, my sweet little boy is sitting on my lap. I'm feeding him mashed potatoes, which he will only eat at his pace. A spoonful too soon and he presses his lips together and turns his face away.

When I was single, I always thought I knew the kind of mother I would be. Hehehe...Well I've surprised myself.

I've turned out to be the kind of mother who eats her baby's food. Two spoons for you. One for me. So I never really know how much the boy eats. (Cerelac, mashed potatoes, pureed apples - baby food is surprisingly delicious) or if he's had enough to eat.

I'm the kind of mother who breastfeeds exclusively for six months because the pediatrician recommends it's best for  baby, but then wishes she could continue even past six months because washing and warming baby bottles is a chore I definitely don't want to add to my schedule. Luckily I skipped the bottle step entirely because my son is now on to solid foods, plates and spoons. Yay!!!

As a single gal, I used to tsk tsk and shake my head when I see toddlers drinking fruit juice and sodas instead of water. Mmmm...I happen to be one of those mothers whose son has tasted coke, sprite, fanta, juice. But note, I say tasted not drank. When your baby is fussy, cranky and can't be pacified you try all sorts of distractions just for a few minutes of respite.  Thankfully my son prefers water over sugar drinks.

And lest I forget, he eats paper. Just this morning, my mom told me that he grabbed a paper bag beside him. Before she could retrieve it from him, he bit off a corner and swallowed the piece. I do not understand his affinity for paper. But I've turned out to be one of those mothers who when all else fails, hand her son a piece paper, just for a moment of peace...(it calms him down 90% of the time) then when I've caught my breath, I go after the gooey pieces he refuses to spit out.

Ah the joys of motherhood! 


  1. Wow. How nice to hear from you again, Mummy. :)

  2. Congratulations on your marriage and baby boy!

  3. Wow. Big Congrats bt watch it with the paper o

  4. Hey. I just ran across your blog when I typed in "moving to nigeria with a baby" on google. I was wondering what its like raising a baby in nigeria. I have a 9 month old daughter who is half nigerian. We are moving to nigeria very soon to be with her father since he is being deported back. Im just so nervous. I would love to talk with you. My email is

  5. I saw indian nigerian child with her nigerian mom and indian Dad during my recent train journey and it was great to meet this couple

  6. @Joy! Hi wow, I would definitely be nervous too! What city in Nigeria are you moving to? You can send me an email at so we can catch up. Thanks!

  7. Pleeeeeaaaase don't stop blogging! been silently following ur blog for a while now and i keep coming back to see if there's something new here... you have such a refreshing perspective on things!