Thursday, October 16, 2008

Postings for foreign graduates

Question: I have heard as foreign graduates you get a chance of serving in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt. I don’t know if that’s true or false, please confirm!

When you arrive at NYSC Headquarters in Abuja, you’ll be asked to fill out an NYSC application form for foreign graduates. On that form there’s a slot where you’re asked to fill in your 1st and 2nd choices of the states you would like to serve in. This option is not available on the forms for graduates from Nigerian universities. Foreign graduates receive consideration.

However, when you ask NYSC officials about the postings it seems like they’ve been instructed to say that concession is not given to anyone.All the foreign graduates I know got posted to the states they asked for.

For details on the documents you need to enlist for youth service check out the NYSC Website and this post.

I saw an ad in one of the dailies:
Pre-Registration for the 2008 November Batch C has begun. Obtain an eNYSC Scratch Card from NYSC state secretariats and Afribank Branches Nationwide. Cost: N250.

Visit or
Click on eRegistration then check for Pre-Registration.


  1. Thanks a bunch for the information. It was really needed

  2. thanks, this will come in handy when I finnally get enough bravery to move. Ummm Does it change if you are a US citizen? Thanks in advance and hope the Job search is going well.

  3. Thanks for the informative something to share with my siblings...

  4. when will the batch C batch finish?

  5. Batch c will finish orientation camp 3 weeks from Nov. 26 and service will end 12 months later.

    Rita you're most welcome

    Temite, I'm not too sure of how NYSC applies to non Nigerian citizens. I assume it only applies to Nigerians.I'll ask around. did you check their website?

    yankeenaijababe, no probs!

  6. good piece of info...i am definitely planning on that soon.

  7. HELP! This pre-reg thing online is driving me nuts...I have put in the callup number in many different ways but all I keep getting is.."callup does not exist". Please help...I need to do the reg before Thursday, the 20th.

    NYSC/XXX/2008/XXXXXX, which of these make up the callup number? Thnxs

  8. @anonymous, the entire number is your call up. But perhaps you should try the last sets of digits. There was no online pre-registration fo us so I didn't use that service.

  9. I have just received my call up letter and have been trying to complete the e-registration process, however, the page does not even come on the screen. I have even gone the extent of sending an email to the help address on the scratch card, no response...typical naija. Can anyone please advise, is it imperative that online registration be done before reporting at the orientation camp...Thanks in advance

  10. @anon, I"m sure the problem is not peculiar to you. Try connecting on a different computer or internet source. If you don't get through, report to camp as is. Believe me, they will not turn you back and you'll find out you're not the only one who didn't log in. Their server is probably overloaded.Like u said, typical naija! God will help us. Amen.

  11. @anon, another anonymous left a similar complaint on my earlier post "Postings for Foreign Graduates" or are you the same person?

  12. Kai.. God bless u ohhhhhhhhh! BtN! chai... pls d'u have any info for February batch?
    will dt be considered batch A?
    do u buy d scratch card only after u register?

    as u can c, i am tres clueless... Help????

    Have an awesome December!!! and God bless u for this!

  13. Very nice post. Thanks for all the information, I'm sure the guys on my community website for corps members will find this useful. Thumbs up