Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When in Abuja...Rooftop Cafe @ the British Council

Hey people! What’s up? I was down south for two weeks but I’m back to my Abuja! People say there isn’t much entertainment in the capital city but I beg to differ. What better way to entertain myself than to eat? Yes, I love me some food. And I especially love eating out. Tell me you’re taking me out to eat and you’ve just gotten a friend for life or did I hear someone say an FFF (friend for food?) Heh heh.

Regardless of the food loving, my weight has refused to get the memo and trust my Naija peeps to comment freely on how I don’t eat and how I’ve lost weight. The former is false, the latter is true. But it’s all good—I expect that child bearing and/or hitting my 30s will take care of that.

So I want to post on some of the nicer places to eat out if you are in Abuja. That's a picture of the jumbo prawn dish that my friend tackled at the Rooftop Café at the British Council in Maitama. At that size, eating the prawn was like work but well worth it. Both our meals and drinks came up to about N6,000—Pricey in my opinion, but most of the continental restaurants in Abuja run at that price range. I recommend the British Council for its laid-back atmosphere and rooftop view of Abuja. You might take caution when ordering the T-bone steak. Mine was tough and chewy and I had to give up on it (normally, I CLEAR my plate). My partner-in-crime insisted I send it back to the kitchen, but it only came back hard and dry. Oh well.


  1. The prawn looks tasty.

    Howz youth service.

    I should start mine next month.

  2. Love the prawns. I am serving and in the FCT. Youth service is sometimes crazy, fun and not what you expect. Expect a lot of frustrations sha!

  3. Love the prawns. I am serving and in the FCT. Youth service is sometimes crazy, fun and not what you expect. Expect a lot of frustrations sha!

  4. You're so right that you shouldn't worry about your inability to gain weight at all! As long as you're healthy, that's what's important.

    This post is making me hungry!

    Glad you're doing well.

  5. On the weight... Don't listen to anybody ohh. The weight will come on its own. Its good that you already know. That's how I listened to some people and I'm like this now... Rubbish... Hmmm...N6000 for food and drinks... Pricey, and cool...

    Emmm... Dose big big crayfish... mmmm... Wetin dat tree dey do for dia middle?

  6. Wonders shall never end, I dont even know why people dont mind their own business. ah ah. If you gain weight they will yarn nonsence if you lose weight the will yarn nonsence still. You cant win, can you? Anyways sha looks like your having fun in Naija men. Keep it up! By the way hows the job search coming along?

  7. the prawn looks juicy very juicy.i also looove to eat out and im putting on weight men,thank God for my metab if not ill be as fat as a pig by now.

  8. Not a sea food maniac though.

    Al-barka on top CherryPlus is a lovely rooftop restuarant in Wuse, zone 4 and the bakery (same owners of Cherry's at Dunes, maitama) is amazing but a little pricey...those Lebanese folks sef! lol!

    Anyway, Al-barka is fab!

  9. hey..this meal dont look like one i will enjoy..gotta try it first sha..
    u been to shingalinku..?..the name always makes me laf.nice place...its at area 11

  10. @Oluwadee...you too funny. Wow, $6000 for a freaking prawn. I don't think I would enjoy it either. I prefer shrimp and friend rice. Wow, that is expensive. I can't believe it.

    I hope you new job is going on great. Have fun in Abuja.Don't worry about the weight, you will be fine.

  11. Thanks for the review. Will keep it in mind, definitely

  12. @yankeenaijababe, shrimp and fried rice sounds good!

    @sd, you're welcome

    @simeone, must find shingalinku!

    @abujamaiden, yes I've heard about al-barka but haven't been there yet

    @miz-cynic, I feel you oh. I must eat out some more

    @temite, job search is great. will update on that. Naija sweet oh

  13. @archiwiz, na real tree abi? My grand dad would say upon seeing such, do I look like a goat?

    @GNG, thanks!

    @luscious ron, I'm through with service...I had a good time

    @oluwadee, got done with service in september, was fun! get ready for camp in November!

  14. I can't think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost eveything.