Friday, April 18, 2008

Things I miss about America

Okay, I know my peeps often wonder how I'm surviving my new environment--I am loving it here! But there are some things I've missed about my American life:

· Online Shopping! If you wear a size 2 or 20, a 35”inseam, and you’re not ready to drop $100
for a pair of pants, online shopping is the way to go! Plus, I love getting packages in the mail. (If you battle with Steve Urkel trousers, Alloy, Gap, Victoria Secret and Zara have you covered)

· Customer service. In America, the customer is always right; in Nigeria they will abuse you out of their shop.

· Constant electricity. It feels weird even writing this. To think that we still don’t have it 24/7 in 2008?! It breaks my heart.

· Cell phone minutes. My average American conversation: 20 minutes. My average Nigerian conversation: 2:20mins. Cell phone rates are still too expensive here in my opinion.

· The great American highways. Set the cruise control, pop in the CDs and you’re set for a road trip. No worries about pot holes, robbers, or brake-less trailers! Just the cut throat speeding ticket.

· Easy and cheap access to books. Like most bloggers, I have an incurable addiction to books.

· High speed internet! Not the Nigerian version of high speed.

· DriveThrus! Not a junk food junkie, but sometimes it don’t get better than a $3 lunch from Wendy’s (if you’ve never tried it, please do—chili, salad and burger, 99 cents each)

· And of course, my peeps! Kisses, hugs, sniffles, I’ll be over to visit soon!


  1. Is there public library available in Nigeria yet, anywhere?

    Hang in there, You are a survivor already.

  2. they r building one in abuja but i dont know about lagos. yay!!! u've updated, lovely post...awww, i feel u hun. was in naija for a while and i missed all those things too, but its all good...naija is getting better. stay safe missy

  3. dem force you come back! if you feel my beloved country is not conducive for you, Nne, abeg you are free to go back.
    meanwhile, undies(not victorias secrets though) are still cheap here and they can still make our sistas look and feel sexy. Abeg enjoy the fun in Naija while it lasts.

  4. @bayo, yes there are public libraries in Nigeria. I know of one on herbert macauly in yaba, Lagos. Don't know how functional it is now.

    In Abuja, there's a big one in the central business district, and yes there are building a brand new one

  5. @anon, thanks ;) I agree oh! naija is getting better. I refuse to believe anything else.

    @toky, what? go to where? Abeg, I'm having to much fun. The other side of the story is coming ;)

  6. Omigosh, I'm going to miss all of that when I go to 9ja this year...sheesh. I've become too comfortable with my efficient lifestyle (read: pop the clothes in the washer, drive an hr to see my boyfriend & I know it would be an hold-ups, no policeman stopping me for no good reason, seeing bf...dropping off whatever and heading back in time to pop the clothes in the dryer. - That's like 6 errands completed in 4) How on earth will I ever do all of that with the fluctuating power supply in Nigeria????

  7. Hmmmm, very funny.

    You're the real survivor.

  8. bought me a laptop on ebay last week.. 299$ ..

  9. @Toky...why are so harsh on our girl. I am proud of you for returning home. U can visit anytime in America and soon will enjoy all this benefits.

  10. Keep ur heads high and you will be sucessful and all travel is urs.

  11. Yes i support that!!! Keep Your head high up and u'll surely be successful