Monday, April 28, 2008

Why I love CD Days

I love Community Development days. It’s the only day I wear my corper gear, which I love wearing (seriously, I do. My friends tease me about this all the time). It’s also the only day I can explore the city and get into a little trouble. Take last week, on my way back from CD, a bus conductor wanted to chance me. Instead of the N20 change I was supposed to get, he extended N10. Eh? I didn’t touch it. The fare is usually N30, not N40. He nodded once as if to say, “bring it on.” The battle lines were drawn and I was FULLY up to the task ;)

What do I look like? A JJC, just because I’m in corper khaki?I didn’t get off the bus when we reached my stop. A nice man beside me tried to pacify me by giving me N20, but nope, didn’t take it.

I had been challenged to a fight, and wasn’t about to acquiesce. I got down from the bus, squeezed my face and told Mr. conductor and his driver (and my bus audience) that I ply that route every week for N30, not N40 as he claimed. So—give me my twenty naira change.

So there I was, holding up the bus—thoroughly embarrassed, yet too stubborn to back down. Besides, I was fueled by the passengers who were now rooting for me: “Conductor, shey na for N10 you dey behave like this?” (mind you the same thing could have been said of me, but hey I’m a fyne girl ;). Even his driver told him to oblige me. He refused, but unfortunately for him, he didn’t have a N10 note. “Oya find N10 give her now,” some fellow corpers at the back of bus jested at him. When he started asking around for a N10 note, I decided I had proven my point and told him to take N100 and give me N60 change. Maybe he didn’t understand the math or he decided that omode lo n se mi (I was being childish) and I’d held up his bus long enough, but he finally grumbled and gave me my N20.



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  2. nice one....why be embarrassed...its ur money...dont mind those buggers.....

  3. Never let anyone "chance" you o...LOL.

    The corper gear always looks good on everyone...Can't wait to "baff up" in it one day. I will probably spend an hour making sure everything fits right the first time...(hahaha)

  4. still thinking about the corper thing, I just too scared!
    thanks for all these tips for registration i've been looking all over for it!!

  5. now that's what am talking about. Go girl!

    but come o, u get liver o. what if the conductor had given u a dirty slap?! eh? what?

    ok,ok, am a little paranoid, i know!

  6. @ibiluv, embarassment is not enough to keep me from money oh ;)
    @bayo, mmhh, the corper kits never fit on the first try. But they do tend to suit everyone. More on this later.
    @dami, registration is the worst part, after that it's all fun!
    @simispeaks, mmh, I was scared oh, but stubborness and anger had blinded me...funny funny blog you have girl!

  7. there you go! u've become a certified gidi babe!!!

  8. there you go! u've become a certified gidi babe!!!