Friday, June 6, 2008


Oooooh, I just heard that petrol tankers want to strike! Kai, and my fuel is very low, plus my folks are away for the weekend. So I’m gonna have to brave those queues by myself again. And I had planned to just chill this weekend, not spend it queuing up with disgruntled men.

Anyway, before I disappear for the weekend, a quick shout out to all you bloggers, especially the Americanas, and Briticos with ya high speed Internet--

I use Google reader to read most of your blogs because my internet connection is slow (by my own standards) and I can’t go from page to page loading your beautiful blog layouts. So far, I’ve subscribed to 42 blogs on my reader and it’s great—just like checking email.

BUT... I don’t always have new mail because y’all don’t update!

You will be blog hopping and surfing, saying UPDATE, UPDATE, on people’s blog, and leave ya own blogs untouched for ages.

Naijablog and ashes and dust, are the only frequent flyers on my list. The rest of… you know yourselves. You don’t know it, but we’re all watching you.

Judging by how many posts I’ve done in my almost one year of blogging, you know I’m a kettle calling the pot black.

But me, I repent. Thanks for your patience ;)


  1. Now i feel so special. LOL.... Yay me!

    Good luck getting fuel. I can imagine how much "fun" that would be.

  2. Think tanker strike is no longer new trust me.

    Anyway, I have subscribed to over 90 blogs yours inclusive via I even intend to bog abt it so other bloggers can be aware of this opportunity if they dont know abt it already. I only visit some blogs now for comment and to trouble them abt updating!!!

  3. You see fuel strike, heavy traffic and slow internet is why i really fear moving back to Nija. You dey try.

  4. OOOO, God...that's another fuel scarcity in the making na abi?

    No wonder those fools are parled at Lagos/Ibadan Expressway...nonsense...

  5. -sting, you should feel special ;)
    -standtall, I tried bloglines but didn't work well for me so I opted for Goolgle Reader and I like it.
    -parakeet, no fear. it really isn't that bad. I guess you have to have a sense of humour about it all
    -charizard, i gues it was just a scare, things are back to normal, as for those trailers on Lagos/Ibadan...nonsense...

  6. lol! I think its too funny how you are calling out bloggers like sting for failing to update frequently and this post is almost a month old. Too funny! lol!

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  7. @solomonsydelle, as at the time you commented, I have been updating...check your reader or refresh my blog ;) thanks for asking after us oh, we dey kanpe!

  8. "...calling the pot black." not necessarily, it comes with inspiration.

  9. check out mine..i actually have you on my bookmark on my a batch b 2007 and am glad to be almost thru