Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 Batch B you're up!

The NYSC website is back up. Finally! So you can check out the timetable for the 2008 Batch B corpers. Registration for foreign-trained graduates runs from May 15 - August 10. Orientation
camp starts September 23rd. Word on the street is that the 2007 Batch B corpers (my set)will
be passing out either first or second week in August. Woohoo!

So if you're considering putting in for Batch B 2008, you've still got some time to pack your bags and come on over to the other side!

In the meantime, back in March, the NYSC teamed up with Afribank and the National
eGovernment Strategies
to faciliate online registration for youth corpers. Read more about it here. It's a very noble venture but at this moment is nothing more than ephizzy, as the registration website is missing in action (if you find it please send me the link). I have no idea why none of the press articles published the website address. I was hoping the online registration would enable Nigerians abroad to pre-register before stepping foot onshore. Let's hope they'll get that up and running for the 2009 set.

Just in case the official NYSC website disappears again, here is the 2008 Batch B timetable I copied from the site:

Registration of Foreign-trained graduates...15th May 2008 – 10th Aug 2008
Collection of Call-ups by Foreign trained graduates...18th - 22nd Sept 2008
Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions...15th - 17th Sept 2008 2008
Batch B Orientation Course Starts on the..23rd Sept - 14th Oct 2008


  1. Hmmm very soon, you will be made the information officer of NYSC. You are correct mi-lady

  2. standtall, don't mind the job as long as they'll pay me well ;)

  3. wow!!!just read ur blog for the 1st time and u seem to be doing well in naija!!

  4. Hello , Since u ve experience with this whole nysc thing ... ve a few questions .. so if i am planning to do the batch b nysc , what would be the best date to be in naija by ?? would the 2nd of august be too late ??? any advice ??

  5. @pink-satin, girl, didn't think I'd enjoy it this much!
    @anonymous, according to the calendar I posted at the end fo the post, 2nd of August is still within the registration dates . keep in mind that you have to submit your credentials in person at the NYSC headquarters in Maitama, Abuja. Click on my NYSC label to read more about this.

  6. The main thing that borders me about the whole NYSC thing is that my allawee of January till date has not been paid and am not enjoying it at all. Am a coups member in Lagos State.

    Can there be help from any where? I have applied many times with no responds.

  7. anonymous, you're not alone o! I have a friend who hasn't been paid since we left camp in november-up til now. He has written letter upon letter and now is trying to go through some higher ups, apparently, it seems like there's some shady stuff going on somewhere. Take heart...

  8. LOL. Nice blog. enjoyed reading it. I write about NYSC thats y it was really nice to stumble on your blog. I kinda prefer to focus on the hilarious and ludicrous but once in a while I get serious. Really informative post. Take care.

  9. http://www.nysc.gov.ng/INSTITUTION_INDEX.php
    all prospective corpers should check this link to ensure that their names have been mobilised for the NYSC batch B 2008.
    POP for batch B 2007 is September 11 tentatively according to a mail i got from the NYSC web team

  10. i thought the NYSC programme was for all Nigerian University and polytechnic graduates, now how could they say they want to exclude or exempt part-time students from it, who are still of the age of going to NYSC, they say the funds are not even enough for the ones who are even serving. Is that enough reason to stop part- time students.how come a student who studied part-time in the US,Uk or elsewhere is allowed to serve, while Nigerian student who studied part-time are not allowed...

  11. I absolutely enjoyed your blog!!
    I'm in England and looking to be mobilized for Batch C in November!!
    You have put the fear of God in me!!
    Those boots are certainly not made for marching, cant we wear Timberlands or something?

  12. Hi, has anyone got any idea when the 2009 batch starts? I know it's sometime in Feb /Mar 09 precisely when I haven't the slightest clue..