Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So you wanna drive in the City II

My people, so do you remember how intimidated I was on the roads when I first came back? Well no more. I’ve been baptized and transformed into a Nigerian driver. But I’m not proud of it. Before I used to look down on those impatient drivers who formed the extra lane and drove on the dirt lane to avoid traffic. Now I’ve become one of them! Yes, I know, shame on me.

But my true christening came last week Wednesday, on yet another CD day. I was stopped in traffic, trying to make a call to a fellow corper to tell her that teachers were on strike so she shouldn’t bother showing up for the weekly class we teach at a secondary school, but the networks were down.

Just at that moment, I spot 3 traffic policemen standing on a sidewalk ahead of me. The light turns green and I quickly drop the phone into my cup holder.

But it's too late. I’ve been spotted. Officer Eager struts out in front of me and with a triumphant look and authoritative finger, motions for me to pull over. I begin to slow down but then suddenly I spark. Go look for another young chick to prey on. I step on my accelerator and swerve to the right to avoid the officer. (Remember the James Bond move I learned here?). Officer Eager moves back in surprise. As I cruise past the trio, I muster up my fiercest scowl and with a dismissive wave of my hand, say “ahn, ahn, what is it now?!”

Na lie O! I was scared and half-expecting them to chase me down on their fancy cop bikes. See me begging the red light in front of me to change so I could step on my accelerator. But alas, my mean look must have worked because they just stared after me with amusement :)


  1. They say if you can't beat them you join them. I think you have joined "them"

  2. Wow! I would be too scared to try that stunt but like anonymous said, when in Rome (heh, or is that home)...

  3. LOL.... badder chic. I support.

  4. if to say dem catch u,
    u for smell wen!!!!!!!!!

  5. Let's say u're lucky. Otherwise...

  6. So people obey traffic lights...nija don dey change o. Alleluai. Dont try that stunt again o... you get small liver sha!

  7. you've been tagged...check out the rules at my blog

  8. -anon, i think so too, but I'm repenting now.
    -goodnaijagirl, like u, i'd never had though i'd try such but even us good girls go bad sometimes.
    -sting, thank you! though I will NOT try it again!
    -ibiluv, if dem catch me, na so so beg beg now, haba!
    -aloofar, yes, luck plus the charm:)
    -parakeet,yes oh, people obey lights! the traffic police here mean business
    -nneoma,girl, gimme small time, will reply the tag;)

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaa v-girl you did what?!

  10. Gal you are absolutely right to have driven off..well done charlie's angel..i used to wonder why my boyfriend was too stingy to give them a little change until i started driving and i realised they are naught but leeches..if all your papers are intact they will find something..maybe as k for you foot mat...Officers Eager..

  11. Hm, my dear, i'm happy for you but i dont know if i can encourage this im saying it for your own sake, i myself hate those ppl. I will give you my gist on my blog. My experience with those lastma devils!!! Wd invite u right away but i need to do some posts first. Tis a new blog, funny, the opposite of yours. Just moved to this part of the world not too long ago and it wasn't something i'd wanted to do.